ID Title | Description Last Update
kb1306 EMC SMI-S Agent (ECOM) Connector Stopped Working After Migrating to Dell Solutions Enabler v10
kb1306 | Dec. 12, 2023
This article explains why the Hardware Sentry KM and the EMC SMI-S Agent (ECOM) connector stop working after migrating to Dell Solutions Enabler v10 and provides a workaround to monitor VMAX/PowerMax systems.
Dec. 12, 2023
kb1275 TrueSight Presentation Server Does Not Load After Installing Hardware Sentry TSPS component
kb1275 | Nov. 17, 2020
What to do when the TrueSight Presentation Server interface does not load after installing the Hardware Sentry TSPS component.
Nov. 17, 2020
kb1273 EMC VNXe - File System Running Out of Space
kb1273 | Nov. 5, 2020
This article outlines a known issue with EMC VNXe systems which can be exacerbated by monitoring the platform with Hardware Sentry KM. It also provides a workaround for the problem.
Nov. 5, 2020
kb1274 Storage All-in-One ETL: DISCOVERY Service Iteration Fails When Upgrading to v1.4.00
kb1274 | Sep. 28, 2020
Operation required to continue discovering, polling, and collecting metrics when upgrading Storage All-in-One ETL 1.4.00 for TrueSight Capacity Optimization.
Sep. 28, 2020
kb1272 Forcing Detection of WMI-based Connectors when Required WMI Namespace is Unavailable
kb1272 | Jun. 5, 2020
How to work around the WMI restrictions created by some antivirus programs, which can cause some connectors to fail.
Jun. 5, 2020
kb1267 SSH-based monitoring fails due to incompatible Java versions
kb1267 | Apr. 14, 2020
Troubleshooting monitoring issues caused by incompatible Java versions.
Apr. 14, 2020
kb1258 Collecting Port Count and License Count Details for Storage Devices
kb1258 | Dec. 1, 2021
How to check the Port Count or License Count attribute of storage devices to get the count of required licenses.
Dec. 1, 2021
kb1246 Monitoring a Non-Listed Database with Monitoring Studio X
kb1246 | Mar. 19, 2019
How to monitor a non-listed database with Monitoring Studio X.
Mar. 19, 2019
kb1229 Verifying Database Connectivity
kb1229 | Jul. 17, 2018
How to troubleshoot issues occurring when querying a database with Monitoring Studio's Database Query Analysis feature.
Jul. 17, 2018
kb1183 Monitoring Studio: Monitoring Restricted Shell Platforms
kb1183 | Jul. 26, 2016
The “Badly placed () 's” error may occur when monitoring restricted shell platforms if the system type set for the monitored host is not correct. The System type to be set for this type of host is Other.
Jul. 26, 2016
kb1179 Sentry's ETLs Using WBEM: Unable to Collect Data
kb1179 | Mar. 3, 2016
Why the Sentry Software's ETLs that are using WBEM to collect capacity information are unable to collect data and return the 'WBEMClient is not initialized' error message.
Mar. 3, 2016
kb1168 Unable to Load the Sentry 's KMs when Using PATROL Agent v.9.0.00
kb1168 | May. 28, 2015
How to load a Sentry 's KM on PATROL Console Operator when the KM does not appear and when getting loading errors in the System Output Window and in the *.errs log file available in %PATROL_HOME%\log.
May. 28, 2015
kb1167 BPPM CMA 9.0 - Unable to Create Policies for the Sentry 's KMs
kb1167 | May. 11, 2015
How to make a specific monitoring solution available in the “Solution” menu of BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration 9.0 while configuring policies.
May. 11, 2015
kb1165 Installation or Upgrade Fails Due to Locked Out Jar Files
kb1165 | Feb. 12, 2015
Why the installation or upgrade of the Sentry KMs may fail. Solutions to adopt.
Feb. 12, 2015
kb1162 Unable to Monitor Hardware Using SNMP-based Connectors with PATROL Agent v.
kb1162 | Nov. 26, 2014
How to solve the hardware monitoring problem encountered when using SNMP-based connectors with PATROL Agent v.
Nov. 26, 2014
kb1160 Empty Values for mc_object_class, mc_object and mc_parameter Slots in the Sentry KMs ' Events
kb1160 | Nov. 24, 2014
Why the PATROL events generated by the Sentry Software KMs have invalid or empty values for the mc_object_class, mc_object and mc_parameter slots.
Nov. 24, 2014
kb1155 Hitachi Device Manager Running out of Memory
kb1155 | Aug. 21, 2014
Hitachi Device Manager (HiCommand Server) may sometimes run out of memory and cause the Sentry 's solutions to fail. This article explains the procedure to follow when this situation occurs.
Aug. 21, 2014
kb1151 Hardware Sentry KM: Some OS Commands Fail and Return no Result
kb1151 | Aug. 6, 2014
What to do when OS Commands time out and return no results.
Aug. 6, 2014
kb1150 Using Local Admin Accounts and WMI to Monitor Remote Windows 2008 Servers
kb1150 | Aug. 5, 2014
How to monitor Windows 2008 servers with local admin accounts and WMI.
Aug. 5, 2014
kb1143 java.sql.SQLException: I/O Error: Connection Reset When Monitoring Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
kb1143 | Jun. 26, 2014
What to do if the error message "java.sql.SQLException: I/O Error: Connection reset" occurs when monitoring Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 with Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL 8.6.54.
Jun. 26, 2014
kb1142 Unable to Install Sentry 's Connectors on BMC Capacity Optimization v9.5.01
kb1142 | Jun. 2, 2014
What to do if you are using BMC Capacity Optimization v.9.5.01 (SP1) and wish to install the version 4.0.00 of the Sentry Software’s connectors.
Jun. 2, 2014
kb1138 Class-41 Events not Sent to Cell After Upgrading PATROL Agent to v9.5
kb1138 | May. 13, 2014
How to send the class-41 events generated by the Sentry Software’s KMs to the BEM/BPPM cell when using PATROL Agent v9.5.
May. 13, 2014
kb1134 BPPM Group View: Monitors not Displayed in Tree Views
kb1134 | Mar. 4, 2014
What to do if the tree view available in the BPPM 9.0 console only displays the devices and not the monitors.
Mar. 4, 2014
kb1133 Hardware Monitoring: SNMP-based connectors test fails with errno: 100 on Linux
kb1133 | Mar. 4, 2014
What to do if the SNMP TEST fails when configuring Hardware Sentry KM to monitor a system running on Linux using SNMP-based connectors.
Mar. 4, 2014
kb1135 High CPU and PATROL Crash Issues after loading Hardware Sentry KM
kb1135 | Mar. 4, 2014
How to prevent high CPU utilization problems and PATROL Agent crashes that may occur on a Windows server after installing Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL.
Mar. 4, 2014
kb1129 Deduplicating PATROL Events with Different mc_origin_key Slot Values
kb1129 | Feb. 3, 2014
How to deduplicate PATROL events generated by the KMs when using PATROL-Cell direct integration.
Feb. 3, 2014
kb1127 Troubleshooting the Dell Open Manage Server Administrator
kb1127 | Jan. 29, 2014
How to verify that the Dell Open Manage Server Administrator is operating properly.
Jan. 29, 2014
kb1124 Problem: BPM Express for Dell Compellent Fails to Collect Data
kb1124 | Sep. 11, 2013
Why BMC Performance Manager Express for Dell Compellent fails to collect data.
Sep. 11, 2013
kb1125 Verifying the IBM Director Agent is Operating Properly
kb1125 | Sep. 11, 2013
Workaround techniques to verify that the IBM Director Agent is operating properly.
Sep. 11, 2013
kb1123 Other Sentry KMs Stop Working After EMC KM 3.1.00 Install
kb1123 | Sep. 10, 2013
If you install the EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL v3.1.00 on top of other Sentry KMs (see the affected products list), these KMs stop working with a Could not find a suitable JRE error message.
Sep. 10, 2013
kb1120 Displaying the System Name and Hostname of the Monitored System in Alert Actions
kb1120 | Jun. 5, 2013
How to retrieve and view the actual system name and/or the configured hostname/IP address of a system being monitored remotely, while using an alert action (e.g. Trigger a PATROL Event).
Jun. 5, 2013
kb1118 Updating the mc_host and mc_host_address Slots of Sentry Class-41 Events in BEM with the Actual Hostname and IP Address of the Remotely Monitored System
kb1118 | Jun. 5, 2013
How to update the mc_host and mc_host_address slots of Sentry class-41 events in BEM with the actual hostname and IP address of the remotely monitored system.
Jun. 5, 2013
kb1117 No command type for parameter '<parameter_name>' -- parameter suspended
kb1117 | May. 31, 2013
How to prevent error messages due to a threshold management issue in the BMC Event Management KM.
May. 31, 2013
kb1106 Problem: Missing Sentry Software's KMs in BPPM CMA Monitoring Repository
kb1106 | Feb. 21, 2013
How to make the Sentry Software's KMs appear in BPPM CMA Monitoring Repository.
Feb. 21, 2013
kb1100 SNMP 'get_next' fails on Network adapter on HP ProLiant Servers
kb1100 | Nov. 7, 2012
What to do if SNMP 'get_next' fails on Network adapter on HP ProLiant Servers.
Nov. 7, 2012
kb1098 SMI-S Provider Returning Incorrect Operational Status Field from CLARiiON and VNX Arrays
kb1098 | Jul. 25, 2012
What to do if the SMI-S provider is returning incorrect Operational Status field from CLARiiON and VNX Arrays.
Jul. 25, 2012
kb1068 EMC SMI-S Provider: Troubleshooting
kb1068 | May. 31, 2011
Troubleshooting the EMC SMI-S Provider: Learn how to fix errors that may occur with the EMC SMI-S Provider.
May. 31, 2011
kb1061 Object IDs shown in Hardware Sentry KM do not Match with Other Management Consoles
kb1061 | Mar. 25, 2011
Why object IDs shown in Hardware Sentry KM do not match with other management consoles.
Mar. 25, 2011
kb1036 Unable to Perform Remote Monitoring from Windows 2008 Servers with UAC Turned on
kb1036 | Jul. 23, 2010
Why remote monitoring from a Windows 2008 server with UAC turned on fails.
Jul. 23, 2010
kb1033 Infinite Loop Reported in the PATROL Agent Log or System Output Window
kb1033 | Jul. 2, 2013
Why an infinite loop is reported in the PATROL Agent log or System Output Window.
Jul. 2, 2013
kb1031 All SNMP-based Connectors Fail for one Hour before Reactivating
kb1031 | Apr. 30, 2010
What to do if all the SNMP based connectors fail for one hour before reactivating.
Apr. 30, 2010
kb1021 Hardware Monitoring: Abnormally High CPU consumption on SUN platforms
kb1021 | Oct. 22, 2009
When monitoring SUN servers with BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware 2.7.03 and 2.7.04, the SunNetwork and the Sunprtpicl connectors generate numerous processes and thus a high CPU load.
Oct. 22, 2009
kb1011 DCOM 10009 Errors in the System Event Log of RSM Servers
kb1011 | Sep. 24, 2009
DCOM 10009 errors appear in the System Event Log of the RSM servers when WMI Script Mode is enabled.
Sep. 24, 2009
kb1018 How to Check the IBM Director's version Number
kb1018 | Sep. 24, 2009
How to check the IBM Director's version number installed on your LINUX system.
Sep. 24, 2009
kb1015 HP NC360T not Monitored on Servers Running Windows.
kb1015 | Sep. 24, 2009
Why HP NC360T is not monitored on servers running Windows.
Sep. 24, 2009
kb1016 Instances are Missing Even Though Connectors Are Properly Loaded
kb1016 | Sep. 24, 2009
Why some instances are missing although connectors are properly loaded.
Sep. 24, 2009
kb1012 Monitoring Studio Does not Take into Account a Change to the Polling Interval
kb1012 | Sep. 24, 2009
Why Monitoring Studio does not take into account a change to the Polling Interval.
Sep. 24, 2009
kb1017 Monitoring Studio: Unexpected Output for a String Search
kb1017 | Sep. 24, 2009
Why a string search performed on a flat/log file may return an abnormal output.
Sep. 24, 2009
kb1019 No Hardware Data Collected due to WMI Memory Leak
kb1019 | Sep. 24, 2009
What to do if the various WMI patches from BMC or Sentry do not seem to have cured the WMI Memory leak on your system.
Sep. 24, 2009
kb1014 No Storage Connector Activating when Monitoring Dell Servers
kb1014 | Sep. 24, 2009
Why no storage connector is activating when monitoring Dell Servers and why no physical or logical disks are shown.
Sep. 24, 2009
kb1013 Sudo Configuration Methods / Execution Methods
kb1013 | Sep. 24, 2009
How to configure Hardware PM to use different credentials or the sudo utility (3 methods).
Sep. 24, 2009
kb1006 Hardware Monitoring: Error Percentages Greater than 100 Reported on Fiber Switches
kb1006 | Sep. 17, 2009
When monitoring fiber switches with Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL, certain ports return error percentages greater than 100%.
Sep. 17, 2009
kb1008 Hardware Monitoring: No Environmental Information Available on IBM xSeries Servers
kb1008 | Sep. 17, 2009
A problem with the IPMI driver prevents the proper monitoring of the environment on IBM xSeries servers.
Sep. 17, 2009
kb1010 On IBM xSeries Servers, Disks are not being reported.
kb1010 | Sep. 17, 2009
On IBM xSeries Servers, issues can arrise if both the ServeRaid Extensions for IBM Director and the ServeRaid GUI are installed on the same system.
Sep. 17, 2009
kb1009 On IBM xSeries Servers, IBM Director 5.20 or Later Will not Work After Upgrade
kb1009 | Sep. 17, 2009
Due to a problem in its upgrade procedure, the IBM Director Agent stops working, preventing Hardware Sentry KM and BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware from monitoring the IBM xSeries server.
Sep. 17, 2009
kb1004 Hardware Monitoring: Missing Processors and Memory Modules on Sun Fire M8000 and M9000
kb1004 | Sep. 9, 2009
What to do if Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL or BPM Express for Hardware do not properly discover the processors and memory modules in Sun Fire M8000 and M9000 systems.
Sep. 9, 2009
kb1003 Hardware Monitoring: Non-physical Network Cards Displayed on Sun Solaris Systems
kb1003 | Sep. 9, 2009
What to do if Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL or BPM Express for Hardware do not properly discover and monitor non-physical network adapters (sppp0, clprivnet, etc.) on Sun Solaris systems.
Sep. 9, 2009
kb1005 Hardware Monitoring: Physical Network Cards not Discovered on Sun Solaris Systems
kb1005 | Sep. 9, 2009
What to do if Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL or BPM Express for Hardware fail to discover network adapters on Sun Solaris systems.
Sep. 9, 2009
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