TrueSight Presentation Server Does Not Load After Installing Hardware Sentry TSPS component

What to do when the TrueSight Presentation Server interface does not load after installing the Hardware Sentry TSPS component.

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After installing the Hardware Sentry TSPS component, the TrueSight Presentation Server Web Interface may fail to load. This is caused by an enumeration conflict in the TSPS configuration. Two entries in the csr.conf files may be using the same configuration key.


The solution is to check the csr.conf files on the TSPS server, looking for the entry hardware-sentry-tsps-rest-api.jar, and ensure that no other entry in either file is using the same configuration key.

The csr.conf files are stored in:

  • TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME/truesightpserver/conf/custom/csr.conf
  • TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME/truesightpserver/conf/services/csr.conf

In the example below, the following lines are the two which are conflicting.

In services/csr.conf: vm.args.classpath.285="${truesight.home}/lib/hardware-sentry-tsps-rest-api.jar"

In custom/csr.conf: vm.args.classpath.285="${truesight.home}/lib/dependencies/woden-impl-commons-1.0M9.jar"

As these cannot both use the same configuration key (285 in the above example), one will need to be replaced with a number which is not listed in either file.

Note: The numbers may vary depending on your environment.

In a standard configuration, this can be changed to 287 instead, as shown here: vm.args.classpath.287="${truesight.home}/lib/dependencies/woden-impl-commons-1.0M9.jar"

Once the configuration key has been modified and the changes saved, TrueSight Presentation Server must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

The restart may be performed with the below commands:

tssh server stop
tssh server start

After refreshing the TrueSight Presentation Server Web page, everything should work as expected.