Sentry's ETLs Using WBEM: Unable to Collect Data

Why the Sentry Software's ETLs that are using WBEM to collect capacity information are unable to collect data and return the 'WBEMClient is not initialized' error message.

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This article explains the procedure to follow if after installing and configuring a version prior to 10.5.00 of one of our ETLs that are using the WBEM protocol to collect capacity information, the ETL is unable to collect data.


  1. Run the TroubleShooting connection tools to check the connection settings (hostname, IP address, port and credentials).
  2. If your connection settings are correct, generate logs and look for the ‘WBEMClient is Not Initialized’ error message:

ERROR: 2016/02/08 09:07:38 CET ; Thread 7521020 ; EMC ; com.sentrysoftware.portal.common.job.interruption.ControlledExecution ; $Revision$ ; doRun
| An operation fails.
| EXCEPTION ResponseException : null
| ResponseException [Error=protocol.response, Context=[WBEM/CIM-XML, java.lang.IllegalStateException: WBEMClient is not initialized.]]

This error message is generated when there is an extra white space in the Hostname field of the ETL Configuration. This extra white space is often introduced by a copy/paste of the hostname or IP address in the Hostname field. This white space can also be observed in the connection string of the log file, between the hostname/IP address and the colon (:) as shown below:


| Creating a new client with the following environment : Host HTTP:// :5988, Username=admin


To solve this issue:

  1. Edit the ETL configuration
  2. Expand the Connection settings menu
  3. In the Hostname field, remove the extra white space as illustrated below:
  4. Save the configuration.