All SNMP-based Connectors Fail for one Hour before Reactivating

What to do if all the SNMP based connectors fail for one hour before reactivating.

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Every hour, the KM will attempt to detect the SNMP community string if no string is specified.  It will check if the SNMP service is running, then look in the snmpd.conf to find the community string.

If this detection fails (it will only try once), the community string will be set to "" i.e. blank for the next hour, until the next discovery.  All SNMP connectors will fail during this period.

The issue generally arises on servers that have very heavy CPU usage at certain times of the day and are not able to perform the SNMP service detection within the KM's timeout period.


Bypass the entire SNMP detection process by setting the variable “/SENTRY/HARDWARE/localhost/snmpCommunity” to the correct string.