High CPU and PATROL Crash Issues after loading Hardware Sentry KM

How to prevent high CPU utilization problems and PATROL Agent crashes that may occur on a Windows server after installing Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL.

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After installing and loading Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL on a Windows server, you may sometimes face high CPU utilization issues or the PATROL Agent may crash. These issues usually occur:

  • if you are using:
    • a version of the PATROL Agent older than 9.x
    • the Event Management KM v.
  • if the PATROL Agent is installed on a virtual machine and you did not dedicate enough physical resources.

To solve these issues, you just have to upgrade or apply the latest patches to the PATROL Agent and Event Management KM and/or dedicate more physical resources to your VM.


Upgrading the PATROL Agent

  1. Upgrade to version 9.x and preferably use a 64-bit version of the PATROL Agent.
  2. Apply the latest PATROL Agent patch which include the following fix:
QM001780731 Some of the Windows OS APIs exhibited increase in CPU and paging activity during execution of certain PSL functions through the PATROL Agent. This issue was observed on specific Windows systems and was not reproducible on every Windows operating system.

If you upgraded to:

Note: If you do not want to follow the above steps, you can also directly upgrade to PATROL Agent 9.0.20 and 9.5.00

Applying the latest patches to the Event Management KM v.

If you are using the Event Management KM version for managing your thresholds and you are getting similar error messages in the PATROL Agent’s logs:

Fri Mar 08 11:27:30 2013:    PatrolAgent-E-EINTERNAL: No command type for parameter `PowerConsumption' --    parameter suspended 

Apply the Event Management KM patch which includes the following fix:


After processing wild card threshold rules for a particular application class, you received the following error message in the PATROL Agent error log:
PatrolAgent-E-EINTERNAL: No command type for parameter `<parameter name>' -- parameter suspended
This happened if there were more threshold rules present for other application classes.

or upgrade to a more recent version of the KM.

Dedicating enough Physical Resources to your Virtual Machine

If the PATROL Agent is installed on a virtual machine, the VM needs to have enough physical resources dedicated:

  • For a small environment (8000 PATROL instances and 30,000 parameters): 2 CPU cores and 4 GB of RAM.
  • For a large environment (45,000 PATROL instances and 175,000 parameters): 4 CPU cores and 8GB of RAM.

Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL (v.1.8.01 and higher) can handle the following workload:

  • Up to 300 remote hosts per PATROL Agent (already tested in a real customer environment).
  • Several PATROL Agents run on the same system (tested with 8 PATROL Agents on an 8-CPU and 16GB of RAM virtual system).

If the recommendations above have been followed but the issues persist, please register a case and submit your query to our support team.