SMI-S Provider Returning Incorrect Operational Status Field from CLARiiON and VNX Arrays

What to do if the SMI-S provider is returning incorrect Operational Status field from CLARiiON and VNX Arrays.

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The EMC SMI-S Provider 4.3.x does not properly reports Controllers' status on Clariion and VNX Arrays. The EMC SMI-S Provider needs to be upgraded to version 4.4.x.


The SMI-S Provider integrated in the EMC Solutions Enabler versions prior to 7.4.00 triggers a WARNING on the Status parameter for the controllers in EMC Clariion and VNX storage systems.

Solutions Enabler 7.3.x (SMI-S Provider 4.3.x) executing query (SELECT __PATH, OperationalStatus, StatusDescriptions FROM EMC_StorageProcessorSystem) via SMI-S provider to Clariion array returns:
3|32769|;Degraded|ONLINE|; even though using the Navisphere/Unisphere interface to generate the "Fault Status Reports" reports normal activity ("The array is operating normally").

This error is caused by the operation status calculation of the EMC Solutions Enabler that is incorrect in versions prior to 7.4.00. To fix this problem, you need to upgrade to SMI-S provider 4.4.x integrated to EMC Solutions Enabler