ID Title | Description Last Update
kb1180 The user name or password is incorrect Message Appears in PATROL Agent Error Log
kb1180 | Apr. 29, 2016
Why the PATROL Agent error log may contain the following message: The user name or password is incorrect.
Apr. 29, 2016
kb1168 Unable to Load the Sentry 's KMs when Using PATROL Agent v.9.0.00
kb1168 | May. 28, 2015
How to load a Sentry 's KM on PATROL Console Operator when the KM does not appear and when getting loading errors in the System Output Window and in the *.errs log file available in %PATROL_HOME%\log.
May. 28, 2015
kb1141 Closing Sentry Class-41 Events in BEM/BPPM when Class-9 Events are Generated
kb1141 | May. 30, 2014
How to change the default cell rule to close the Sentry class-41 events when class-9 events are generated.
May. 30, 2014
kb1138 Class-41 Events not Sent to Cell After Upgrading PATROL Agent to v9.5
kb1138 | May. 13, 2014
How to send the class-41 events generated by the Sentry Software’s KMs to the BEM/BPPM cell when using PATROL Agent v9.5.
May. 13, 2014
kb1135 High CPU and PATROL Crash Issues after loading Hardware Sentry KM
kb1135 | Mar. 4, 2014
How to prevent high CPU utilization problems and PATROL Agent crashes that may occur on a Windows server after installing Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL.
Mar. 4, 2014
kb1103 Handling PATROL Events of Class 11/41
kb1103 | Jan. 22, 2013
How to handle PATROL Events of Class 11/41 and more especially how to remove the Events of Class 41 when the thresholds are no longer exceeded.
Jan. 22, 2013
kb1060 Hardware Monitoring: Modifying the Maximum Number of Hosts
kb1060 | Feb. 22, 2011
How to monitor more than 5 devices with Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL.
Feb. 22, 2011
kb1033 Infinite Loop Reported in the PATROL Agent Log or System Output Window
kb1033 | Jul. 2, 2013
Why an infinite loop is reported in the PATROL Agent log or System Output Window.
Jul. 2, 2013
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