ID Title | Description Last Update
kb1309 How to Monitor Dell EMC VMAX/PowerMax Storage Systems with Storage Analyzer KM
kb1309 | May. 15, 2024
How to set up a policy in BMC TrueSight/Helix to monitor Dell EMC VMAX/PowerMax/Symmetrix storage systems via WBEM or REST API.
May. 15, 2024
kb1305 How to Migrate Monitoring Studio X Policies from TrueSight to Helix Operations Management
kb1305 | Dec. 7, 2023
How to migrate Monitoring Studio X policies from TrueSight to Helix Operations Management by either using the BMC migration tool, bhompolicymigrator, or manually creating policies in Helix.
Dec. 7, 2023
kb1303 More Easily Identify Your Devices Monitored Through a Proxy in TrueSight / Helix Operations Management
kb1303 | Oct. 27, 2023
How to specify a MetaFQDN for your storage systems monitored through a proxy to make their identification easier in TrueSight and Helix Operations Management
Oct. 27, 2023
kb1245 Identifying and Locating Devices in TrueSight
kb1245 | Jul. 8, 2021
How to locate the devices discovered by the Sentry's Monitoring KMs in TrueSight.
Jul. 8, 2021
kb1190 Removing One or More Instances from TrueSight
kb1190 | Dec. 22, 2016
How to set the configuration variable removedObjectList to remove one or more instances from a TrueSight console or from a PATROL Console configured in CA mode.
Dec. 22, 2016
kb1130 Forcing the KM to Run in Classic Mode
kb1130 | Aug. 20, 2018
How to force the Sentry Software's KMs to run in Classic mode.
Aug. 20, 2018
kb1106 Problem: Missing Sentry Software's KMs in BPPM CMA Monitoring Repository
kb1106 | Feb. 21, 2013
How to make the Sentry Software's KMs appear in BPPM CMA Monitoring Repository.
Feb. 21, 2013
kb1097 Installing Sentry Software's KMs on Open VMS
kb1097 | Jul. 5, 2012
How to install Sentry Software's KMs on Open VMS: Procedure to extract and load required files manually.
Jul. 5, 2012
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