Monitoring Studio Does not Take into Account a Change to the Polling Interval

Why Monitoring Studio does not take into account a change to the Polling Interval.

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This error can occur if you are running a version of the Event Management KM lower than v2.7.05 and/or a PATROL Agent v3.4.x, v3.5.x or v3.6.x on a 64-bits UNIX server.


The interval between collects on the Parameter's Graph remains at 10 minutes (the default polling interval in the KM) or the polling interval is random.


On Windows, Linux or UNIX 32-bits: upgrade the Event Management KM to 2.7.05 or higher

On UNIX 64-bits: upgrade the Event Management KM to 2.7.05 or higher and the PATROL Agent to v3.7.00 or higher

If an upgrade is not possible, set Monitoring Studio to use tuning variables to set thresholds and polling intervals.

  • Right-click the Monitoring Studio icon and select KM Commands -› Options -› Thresholds Management.
  • Click the “Tuning” radio button and click [OK].

All Monitoring Studio thresholds and polling interval will be moved to tuning variables. This should fix the problem.