ID Title | Description Last Update
kb1268 Handling PATROL Events Generated by Sentry KMs in BMC Helix Operations Manager
kb1268 | Oct. 9, 2023
How to receive and manage PATROL events generated by Sentry Software's KMs in BMC Helix Operations Manager(BHOM).
Oct. 9, 2023
kb1254 Troubleshooting Missed Events
kb1254 | Jul. 5, 2018
How to troubleshoot events that do not appear in TrueSight Presentation Server anymore.
Jul. 5, 2018
kb1224 How NetApp Filers KM for PATROL Reports 'Failed' and ‘Degraded' Status Values in the PATROL Console
kb1224 | Jun. 28, 2018
How 'failed' and ‘degraded' status values collected from the NetApp API are reported in the PATROL Console.
Jun. 28, 2018
kb1223 How to Manually Set Agent Thresholds in a CMA Policy
kb1223 | Jun. 15, 2018
How to set agent thresholds for Sentry Software's KMs through a CMA policy.
Jun. 15, 2018
kb1213 Too Many Hardware Sentry Internal Events Generated in TrueSight/PATROL Consoles
kb1213 | Jan. 31, 2018
How to reduce the number of Hardware Sentry internal events in TrueSight or PATROL consoles.
Jan. 31, 2018
kb1201 Enriching PATROL Events with More Meaningful Information
kb1201 | Dec. 29, 2022
How to enrich PATROL events with more meaningful information about the problem.
Dec. 29, 2022
kb1166 Using Macros to Customize PATROL Event Alert Actions
kb1166 | Apr. 14, 2015
How to customize the PATROL Event Alert Action with macros.
Apr. 14, 2015
kb1160 Empty Values for mc_object_class, mc_object and mc_parameter Slots in the Sentry KMs ' Events
kb1160 | Nov. 24, 2014
Why the PATROL events generated by the Sentry Software KMs have invalid or empty values for the mc_object_class, mc_object and mc_parameter slots.
Nov. 24, 2014
kb1141 Closing Sentry Class-41 Events in BEM/BPPM when Class-9 Events are Generated
kb1141 | May. 30, 2014
How to change the default cell rule to close the Sentry class-41 events when class-9 events are generated.
May. 30, 2014
kb1138 Class-41 Events not Sent to Cell After Upgrading PATROL Agent to v9.5
kb1138 | May. 13, 2014
How to send the class-41 events generated by the Sentry Software’s KMs to the BEM/BPPM cell when using PATROL Agent v9.5.
May. 13, 2014
kb1129 Deduplicating PATROL Events with Different mc_origin_key Slot Values
kb1129 | Feb. 3, 2014
How to deduplicate PATROL events generated by the KMs when using PATROL-Cell direct integration.
Feb. 3, 2014
kb1119 Generating Test Events with Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL
kb1119 | Apr. 30, 2020
How to generate test events of class 11 and 41 with Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL.
Apr. 30, 2020
kb1118 Updating the mc_host and mc_host_address Slots of Sentry Class-41 Events in BEM with the Actual Hostname and IP Address of the Remotely Monitored System
kb1118 | Jun. 5, 2013
How to update the mc_host and mc_host_address slots of Sentry class-41 events in BEM with the actual hostname and IP address of the remotely monitored system.
Jun. 5, 2013
kb1103 Handling PATROL Events of Class 11/41
kb1103 | Jan. 22, 2013
How to handle PATROL Events of Class 11/41 and more especially how to remove the Events of Class 41 when the thresholds are no longer exceeded.
Jan. 22, 2013
kb1104 Integrating the Events Generated by the KMs into BMC Event Manager
kb1104 | Jan. 22, 2013
How to integrate the events generated by the Sentry Software's KMs into BMC Event Manager (BEM).
Jan. 22, 2013
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