EMC SMI-S Provider: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the EMC SMI-S Provider: Learn how to fix errors that may occur with the EMC SMI-S Provider.

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This article describes errors that may occur with the EMC SMI-S Provider and how to solve them. Before starting an in-depth study, it is recommended to check the version of the EMC SMI-S Provider and the FLARE code used.


Obtaining the version of the EMC SMI-S Provider used

To get the version of the EMC SMI-S Provider, you can:

  • Run the following command ‹install_dir›\SYMCLI\bin\symcfg -version
  • Or run the TestSmiProvider.exe located in ‹install_dir›\SYMCLI\storbin and execute the dv command to list arrays.

Verifying the FLARE operating environment is compatible with the EMC SMI-S Provider

The minimum FLARE code required by EMC SMI-S Provider is:

FLARE Code Arrays
26 R26.028: CX arrays
R26.031: CX3
28 All
29 All

Note: CX600 does not support FLARE co de 16 (i.e. 2.16.x.x.x) and must be upgraded to 19, 22 or 24 with all the latest patches for that release.


1. Error when adding an array

If the addsys command fails to add an array, make sure:

  1. the user has at least manager privileges
  2. spA (Array ID 0 ) and spB (Array ID 1 ) are properly ordered by checking their IP address Array:
    • Go to Navisphere
    • Right click on spA for the array you wish to add
    • Click Properties
    • Click Network to display the IP address for spA
    • Resume these steps to get the IP address for spB.

2. "Error: CIM_ERR_FAILED: A general error occurred that is not covered by a more specific error code: provider initialization failed"

This error occurs if the EMC SMI-S Provider does not support 64-bit operating system but it is actually installed on one. To solve this issue:

  1. check whether the EMC SMI-S Provider is installed on a 64-bit operating system
  2. check in the Release Notes, and more precisely in the Supported Host Operating System section, that the EMC SMI-S Provider installed supports 64-bit operating systems

3. WriteHitIOs always displays zero for LUNs

Due to a bug in the EMC SMI-S Provider code, WriteHitIOs always displayed zero for LUNs. This bug is fixed in version 4.2.1 with FLARE code 30 and higher.

4. Verifying that Solutions Enabler and the EMC SMI-S Provider are compatible

Solutions Enabler is used by the EMC SMI-S Provider and EMC management applications such as EMC Control Center. We recommend installing the EMC SMI-S Provider and Solutions Enabler on two different servers. If it is not possible, make sure both versions are compatible. To do so:

  1. Run the following command ‹install_dir›\SYMCLI\bin\symcfg -version to check the version of the Solutions Enabler installed
  2. Check the name of the installer to know which Solutions Enabler is packed with. For example, the installer se65210-WINDOWS-x86-SMI.msi is packed with Solutions Enabler version