BPPM Group View: Monitors not Displayed in Tree Views

What to do if the tree view available in the BPPM 9.0 console only displays the devices and not the monitors.

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In the KB1114, you learnt how to create a hierarchical view in BPPM. It had been observed that for some Sentry’s storage-based KMs, the monitors are not properly displayed in the tree view:

even though they are displayed in the Grid View:


This is a known BPPM bug which has been observed on BPPM versions up to Service Pack 9.0.22 - BMC ProactiveNet Server 9.0 build 231178031.

To solve this issue:

  1. On the BPPM server, run the pw dump 2 command.
  2. Collect its output.
  3. Raise a case with BMC Support who will then provide you with a patched pw_server.jar file.
  4. Replace the existing pw/pronto/lib/ pw_server.jar file with the patched file provided by BMC.

Once you have applied the patched file, the complete tree should appear as below: