Alert Actions

ID Title | Description Last Update
kb1166 Using Macros to Customize PATROL Event Alert Actions
kb1166 | Apr. 14, 2015
How to customize the PATROL Event Alert Action with macros.
Apr. 14, 2015
kb1120 Displaying the System Name and Hostname of the Monitored System in Alert Actions
kb1120 | Jun. 5, 2013
How to retrieve and view the actual system name and/or the configured hostname/IP address of a system being monitored remotely, while using an alert action (e.g. Trigger a PATROL Event).
Jun. 5, 2013
kb1087 Monitoring Studio: Acknowledging Alerts Using Alert Action
kb1087 | Nov. 22, 2011
How to configure a customized alert action to acknowledge an alert after a certain amount of time.
Nov. 22, 2011
kb1051 Monitoring Studio: Getting Automatically Notified by Email for an Error in a Log File
kb1051 | Jul. 11, 2013
How to set up an email notification when a particular string is found in the output file of any application.
Jul. 11, 2013
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