ID Title | Description Last Update
kb1310 How to force KMs to use a custom version of JRE/JDK
kb1310 | May. 16, 2024
This article explains how to force KMs to use a custom version of Java (JRE/JDK) located in a specific directory.
May. 16, 2024
kb1308 WBEM-Based KMs/ETLs Stop Working After Upgrading JRE to v17+
kb1308 | May. 7, 2024
How to resume the monitoring if WBEM-based KMs/ETLs stop working after upgrading JRE to v17+
May. 7, 2024
kb1304 CIM_ERR_FAILED Errors Occur When Running EMC WBEM-Based ETLs with Java v11.0.15 or Newer
kb1304 | Nov. 29, 2023
How to troubleshoot the CIM_ERR_FAILED errors triggered when running Storage All-in-One ETL, Dell EMC Unity CIM Server ETL, or EMC SMI-S Agent ETL with Java v11.0.15 or newer.
Nov. 29, 2023
kb1281 Monitoring Studio X: HTTP Proxy Authentication Fails When Using Java 8 Update 111 or Later
kb1281 | Mar. 8, 2021
Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required" when using Monitoring Studio X.
Mar. 8, 2021
kb1278 Monitoring SharePoint 2016 and 2019 with Monitoring Studio X
kb1278 | Jan. 25, 2021
How to monitor SharePoint using the Monitoring Studio X free monitoring template available on GitHub.
Jan. 25, 2021
kb1277 Monitoring Studio X Unexpectedly Hangs or Consumes High CPU When Running a JRE Higher Than 8
kb1277 | Jan. 11, 2021
Solution to implement if Monitoring Studio X unexpectedly hangs or consumes high CPU when running a JRE higher than version 8.
Jan. 11, 2021
kb1267 SSH-based monitoring fails due to incompatible Java versions
kb1267 | Apr. 14, 2020
Troubleshooting monitoring issues caused by incompatible Java versions.
Apr. 14, 2020
kb1191 Failing to Upgrade to Java v1.8.0_45
kb1191 | Feb. 6, 2019
How to upgrade Java to version 1.8.0_45 using the BMC Common Installer.
Feb. 6, 2019
kb1186 Monitoring Fails Due to SSL Handshake or Authentication Failures
kb1186 | Jun. 27, 2018
What to do if monitoring your systems with BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization or BMC PATROL/TrueSight Operations Management fails due to SSL handshake.
Jun. 27, 2018
kb1165 Installation or Upgrade Fails Due to Locked Out Jar Files
kb1165 | Feb. 12, 2015
Why the installation or upgrade of the Sentry KMs may fail. Solutions to adopt.
Feb. 12, 2015
kb1143 java.sql.SQLException: I/O Error: Connection Reset When Monitoring Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
kb1143 | Jun. 26, 2014
What to do if the error message "java.sql.SQLException: I/O Error: Connection reset" occurs when monitoring Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 with Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL 8.6.54.
Jun. 26, 2014
kb1123 Other Sentry KMs Stop Working After EMC KM 3.1.00 Install
kb1123 | Sep. 10, 2013
If you install the EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL v3.1.00 on top of other Sentry KMs (see the affected products list), these KMs stop working with a Could not find a suitable JRE error message.
Sep. 10, 2013
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