ID Title | Description Last Update
kb1248 Error Message is Unclear for Block Authentication Failures When Using the EMC Celerra Connector
kb1248 | Apr. 26, 2019
This article provides the MRL rule to create to ensure block authentication failures are properly reported by the EMC Celerra Connector.
Apr. 26, 2019
kb1201 Enriching PATROL Events with More Meaningful Information
kb1201 | Dec. 29, 2022
How to enrich PATROL events with more meaningful information about the problem.
Dec. 29, 2022
kb1166 Using Macros to Customize PATROL Event Alert Actions
kb1166 | Apr. 14, 2015
How to customize the PATROL Event Alert Action with macros.
Apr. 14, 2015
kb1103 Handling PATROL Events of Class 11/41
kb1103 | Jan. 22, 2013
How to handle PATROL Events of Class 11/41 and more especially how to remove the Events of Class 41 when the thresholds are no longer exceeded.
Jan. 22, 2013
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