Error Message is Unclear for Block Authentication Failures When Using the EMC Celerra Connector

This article provides the MRL rule to create to ensure block authentication failures are properly reported by the EMC Celerra Connector.

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When authentication to the block side of a VNX Unified System fails, the EMC Celerra/VNX Unified System (SSH) connector reports the authentication failure as a Logical Disk Problem:

Logical Disk problem on ( with NaviSphere CLI Failure. This logical disk is in critical state. Reported status: Authentication failed for block side of system. Hardware Health Report (Thu Oct 4 12:14:08 2018) ====================== Monitored object : NaviSphere CLI Failure Type : Logical Disk On host : PS_VNX5300_CS ( PATROL object ID : /MS_HW_LOGICALDISK/MS_HW_EMCCelerrahdfPS_VNX5300_CS_NaviSphereCLIFailure Internal device ID : NaviSphere CLI Failure Connector used : MS_HW_EMCCelerra.hdf This object is attached to: Storage: CKM00120500875 (EMC VNX5300) Type: Enclosure Serial 

To solve this issue, an MRL rule must be created to have the event reclassified as an MS_HW_CONNECTOR event.


To have the event reclassified as an MS_HW_CONNECTOR event:

  1. Create a file containing the following rule:

     refine sentry_HandlingEmcCelerraAuthfailures : PATROL_EV($EV)
     where [ $EV.status != CLOSED AND $EV.mc_object_class == 'MS_HW_LOGICALDISK' AND $EV.mc_object contains '_NaviSphereCLIFailure']
       $EV.mc_object_class = 'MS_HW_CONNECTOR';
       $EV.msg = 'Excessive failed authentication attempts for block side of system on: ' || $EV.mc_host ;
       ntadd($EV,'The original event has been updated by the sentry_HandlingEmcCelerraAuthfailures rule');
  2. Save this file as sentry_HandlingEmcCelerraAuthfailures.mrl in the cell’s knowledge base rule directory MCELL_HOME/etc/<cellname>/kb/rules

  3. Update your .load file accordingly:

  • Edit the .load file stored in MCELL_HOME/etc/<cellname>/kb/rule
  • Add an entry for the sentry rule. Please note that the entry must not include the “.mrl” extension
  • Save the .load file
  1. Run the following command to compile the knowledge base:

     mccomp -n <cellname>
  2. Run the following command to restart the cell:

     mcontrol -n <cellname> reload kb