Monitoring Studio Denies Access to the Web Interface

How to reset the PATROL user account settings when access to the Monitoring Studio Web Interface is denied.

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If you experience difficulties logging in to the Web Console of Monitoring Studio X with your usual username and password, you may need to reset the properties related to the PATROL user account to their default settings.

Failed login


  1. Download or to the system where the Agent is running (you can use the Linux file on traditional UNIX systems as well).

  2. Unzip the downloaded file.

  3. Run the command below to apply the .cfg file on the Agent system:

    pconfig -p <agent-port> <path-to>X_reset-access-win.cfg +RESTART

    where agent-port is the port of the PATROL Agent (not the one of the Web interface), typically 3181.

  4. Wait for the Agent to restart.

  5. Refresh the Monitoring Studio X page in your Web browser and log in with credentials valid on the Agent system (the PATROL Agent’s default account, for example).

  6. Make sure to re-configure your agent settings and HTTP Server settings to enforce the level of security required in your environment.

The above .cfg file resets the following settings in the agent’s configuration:

  • The access control list allows any user to connect to the agent, from any client system
  • The agent’s default account is allowed to connect to the Web interface
  • Any group is allowed to connect to the Web interface
  • The Web interface does not check whether the connecting user is in the agent’s access control list
  • The default account of the PATROL agent to LOCALSYSTEM (on Windows systems only)