Getting Notified When a Parameter is no Longer in Alert

How to configure Monitoring Studio X to get notified when a parameter that was previously in alert is back to an OK status.

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Monitoring Studio X can be configured to trigger a PATROL Event when a parameter that was previously in alert is back to an OK status.


  1. From your Web browser, open the URL for the Monitoring Studio X Web interface (ex: https://<patrol-agent>:<patrol-agent-port>/).

  2. Open the Agent menu and the PATROL Agent Settings page.

    Monitoring Studio X Agent Menu

  3. In the Event Management section, set the Event Format Container to BiiP4 and the Send the STD/41 Event to TrueSight to ON.

    Configuring a PATROL Event

  4. Save your changes.

  5. Open the Studio menu.

  6. From the left pane treeview, open the Studio Settings page.

Opening the Studio Settings Page

  1. Access the Alert Messages > PATROL Event section:

Configuring the PATROL Acknowledgement Event

  • set the Event Type to Studio-specific (X_MAIN/Studio)
  • Set the Acknowledge Event Type to Studio-specific (X_MAIN/Ack). Monitoring Studio X will trigger this event type when a parameter that was previously in alert is back to an OK status
  • In the Acknowledge Event Content field, provide the message that will be sent along with the PATROL Event. The default acknowledge message is: [ACK] - %{MESSAGE}. The %{MESSAGE} macro is configurable per class from Studio > Studio Settings > Default Message Content and can also be customized per alert type in the Monitor page under Parameters and Alerts
  1. On the Integration Service server, create the following rule for the cell where your PATROL Agent is routing events by default. Go to MCELL_HOME/etc/<cellname>/kb/rules and create a sentry_msx.mrl file which contains the following code:
    new Sentry_MSX_Ack :
        PATROL_EV ($NEW)
            where [ $NEW.status != CLOSED AND $NEW.status != BLACKOUT AND $NEW.p_class within [41,Studio,Ack]]
                    updates PATROL_EV ($OLD)
            where [ $OLD.status != CLOSED AND $OLD.status != BLACKOUT AND $OLD.p_class within [41,Studio,Ack] AND
                                  $OLD.mc_object == $NEW.mc_object AND
                                  $OLD.mc_origin == $NEW.mc_origin AND
                                  $OLD.p_instance == $NEW.p_instance AND
                                  $OLD.p_origin == $NEW.p_origin]
                                  $OLD.status = CLOSED;
  1. Save this file in the MCELL_HOME/etc/<cellname>/kb/rules directory.
  2. Edit the .load file and specifiy that the sentry_msx rule must be processed before the mcxp/bii4p rule:
  • Go to MCELL_HOME\etc\<cellname>\kb\rules\

  • Open the .load file in a text editor

  • Locate the mcxp or bii4p line

  • Add the sentry_msx line above the mcxp or bii4p line

    Adding the sentry_msx line into the .load file

  1. Run the following command to recompile the cell: mccomp -n <cellname>.

  2. Restart the cell or run this command to reload kb: mcontrol -n <cellname> reload kb.

    Note: It is implied that, at this stage, you already have a rule/policy which propagates PATROL_EV from the IS' to the TSOM's main cell.

The Acknowledge PATROL Event and its associated message will be displayed in the Event page of the Monitoring Studio X Web interface.

Acknowledge PATROL Event