EMC SMI-S Provider: Modifying the Port

How to change the port on which the EMC SMI-S Provider listens from the server the EMC SMI-S Provider is running and from Profiler GUI.

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This article describes how to modify the ports on which the EMC SMI-S Provider listens:

  • 5988 for http traffic
  • 5989 for https traffic.

Port 443 is used for bidirectional communication between the EMC SMI-S Provider and CLARiiON. If a firewall exists between the EMC SMI-S Provider installation and a CLARiiON array, this port must be opened in the firewall.

Modifying the port

To change the port the EMC SMI-S Provider listens on:

On the machine running the Provider:

  1. Stop the ECOM Service
  2. Navigate to ‹Install_dir›\ ECIM\ECOM\conf
  3. Edit the file properties, uncheck Read-only, and click ok
  4. Open the file named port_settings.xml.
  5. Change the port0 and port1 tag values. Example:
    ‹ECOMSetting Name="Port0"›
    ‹ECOMSetting Name="Port1"›
  6. Save the port_settings.xml file.
  7. Start the ECOM Service.

In the Profiler GUI:

  1. Go to Administration › Hosts
  2. Click the monkey wrench icon corresponding to the Array.
  3. Change the HTTP port to the port previously set in the port_settings.xml file.
  4. Save the changes.