Hardware Monitoring: Modifying the Maximum Number of Hosts

How to monitor more than 5 devices with Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL.

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Versions of Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL prior to version 1.7.00 are artificially limited to monitor a maximum of 5 hosts to prevent the PATROL Agent from becoming overloaded.


The default limit can be over-ridden by setting the following variable:


For example to monitor 15 elements from a single Patrol Agent, including the localhost, the variable needs to be set as:

  • /SENTRY/HARDWARE/hostMax = 15

If this limit is increased we also recommend to modify the PSL instruction variables to take into account the extra resource needed to perform a high number of remote monitoring. For detailed information see KB1033.

Ensure that there is no slippage in the data collection. If a collection starts slipping or goes missing, it means that the agent is overloaded. In that case, reduce the number of devices monitored by that Patrol Agent.

The Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL is licensed by monitored device, thus, all remote devices require a license.