Monitoring Studio: File Monitoring on Dynamic Files

How to monitor the latest log files generated every day.

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This article explains the procedure to use Monitoring Studio KM and configure file monitoring and analysis on dynamic files. For example, you may need to monitor the latest log files which are generated every day and contained their creation date in their name.


  1. From the PATROL Console, right-click on the main Monitoring Studio icon › KM Commands › New › File Monitoring and Analysis
  2. Select the type of file you wish to monitor (LOG file or FLAT file)
  3. While specifying the path for the file to be monitored, use the macro %{ASCTIME:%Y%m%d} in which:
    • %Y corresponds to the year including the century (e.g.: 2011)
    • %m corresponds to the month as a decimal number [1,12]
    • %d corresponds to the day of the month [1,31]

      Example: E:\logroot\YourListEmails\YLEmlLog-%{ASCTIME:%Y%m%d}.log
  4. Click Next
  5. Provide appropriate display name and id and click Finish to complete the file monitoring setup.

The file monitoring will then be performed on the most recently created file.

Operations, such as String Searches, that will be configured on this object will also be performed on the latest log file created.