Troubleshooting the Monitoring of Fiber Channel Cards on Windows Systems

How to verify that a Fiber Channel Card is recognized by a Windows system.

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When Fiber Channel Cards are not discovered by Hardware Sentry on Windows systems, you can verify that the FC cards are properly recognized by your Windows server. The following procedure explains how to perform a WMI query to verify that an FC Card is installed and operational.


Connect locally to the Windows server on which the FC Card is not discovered and run a WMI query to verify if it is accessible and if its driver is properly configured:

  1. Launch the Microsoft WBEMtest utility (Windows Management Instrumentation Tester) from the Windows server
  2. Click Connect
  3. In the Namespace field, enter root/wmi
  4. Click Connect

WBEMtest Utility

  1. Click Query…
  2. Enter the following query: SELECT InstanceName FROM MSFC_FCAdapterHBAAttributes
  3. Click Apply

WBEMtest Query

  • If the FC Card is recognized you should get the following result:

    Query Result

  • If the query returns empty, contact Sentry Support for further investigation

  • If you get the following error message:

    Error Message

    1. Copy the system file C:\Windows\SysWOW64\wbem\Hbaapi.mof to a local directory on the same Windows server
    2. Open a Command Prompt and run the mofcomp hbaapi.mof command
    3. Restart the WMI service