EMC VNX Monitoring with Hardware Sentry Fails Because of Special Characters in the Password

SSH credentials required to access EMC VNX disk array through naviseccli.

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Hardware Sentry uses SSH credentials to establish a direct access with an EMC VNX disk array through naviseccli command line. Most environments, and particularly Linux, do not support special characters such as escape characters, quotes, slash, etc. Using these characters prevents the password to be properly parsed and ultimately Hardware Sentry from monitoring EMC VNX systems.


The credentials used to establish a connection with an EMC VNX disk array through a naviseccli command line must be free from any special character (ex: ‘ ” ` / etc.).

You can easily test the credentials by performing the following command line from the server where naviseccli is installed:

naviseccli -User %{USERNAME} -Password %{PASSWORD} -Address %{HOSTNAME} -Scope 0 getagent