NetBackup KM: How to Modify the Job Instance Label

How to modify the Job Instance Label in the PATROL Console.

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By default, the job instances are labeled <policy>:<policy client> @ <date/time> in the PATROL Console. The label can however be modified to display the following information:

  • The job id
  • The job id with the policy client, and the date and time
  • The job id with the policy, the policy client, and the date and time


To modify the job instance label and include the job ID:

In the PATROL Console, run one of the following PSL Commands depending on the information that you wish to display:


    %PSL pconfig("REPLACE","/NBU/LabelByJobID", <job id>);

    %PSL pconfig("REPLACE","/NBU/LabelByJobID", <job id>: <policy client> @ <date/time>);

    %PSL pconfig("REPLACE","/NBU/LabelByJobID", <job id>: <policy>:<policy client> @ <date/time>);

Right-click the Jobs main icon > KM Commands > Force Full Collection to recreate the job instances.