Monitoring Studio: Monitoring Remote Log/Flat Files

How to monitor remote log/flat files with Monitoring Studio.

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I want to monitor a log/flat file on a remote Windows server where there is no PATROL Agent/KM installed. How can I achieve this?


Make sure that the UNC path of that share/file is accessible from the machine where the Patrol Agent/Monitoring Studio KM are running and the account used for PATROL Agent's defaultAccount configuration variable (/AgentSetup/defaultAccount) also has proper permissions to read that share/file.
From the KM Commands menu, select New > File Monitoring and Analysis:

  1. Select the type of file you want to monitor:
  2. Specify the UNC path of the share/file, for example: \\pc-sam\test\connect.txt
  3. Select also the required parameters to be monitored (Exists, Size etc)

    Note: Please DO NOT use mapped drive, ie <drive_letter>:\<directory>\<file>, this will NOT work!
    If you get this warning, please simply ignore it and click on Yes to continue.
  4. Review the information and click Finish.