Monitoring 3PAR Storage Arrays with Hardware Sentry

How to enable the 3PAR SMI-S provider and set up the hardware monitoring of 3PAR Storage Arrays.

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HP 3PAR Storage Arrays can also be monitored with HP 3PAR KM for PATROL.


This article explains how to configure the 3PAR SMI-S Provider to monitor the hardware of 3PAR Storage Arrays with Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL. Since the 3PAR SMI-S Provider is embedded with the storage device, there is no need to install an SMI-S Provider. Monitoring hardware will only require configuring the 3PAR SMI-S Provider, and enabling monitoring.

Configuring 3PAR SMI-S Provider

Starting the 3PAR CLI

  1. Start PuTTY
    Starting PuTTY
  2. Specify the IP address, select the SSH connection type, and click Open
  3. Type the username configured on the array and press ENTER
  4. Type your password and press ENTER.

Enabling the 3PAR SMI-S provider

By default, the 3PAR SMI-S Provider is not started on the array’s management interface. The startcim command must thus be run in the 3PAR CLI to start the SMI-S provider. Conversely, the stopcim command will be used to stop/disable the SMI-S provider.

Use the command showcim to verify the status of the CIM server.

For more information about the CLI commands, please refer to the 3PAR Command Line Interface Reference guide.

Creating a User

A user with browse role is required to monitor the hardware of the HP 3PAR storage systems. To create this user:

  1. Open HP 3PAR Management Console.
  2. Click Security & Domains in the Manager Pane.
  3. Click Create User in the Common Actions Panel.
  4. Create a user with browse role.
    Creating a user with the browse role
Known Issue: When attempting to monitor HP 3PAR systems using Active Directory credentials, volume information may not be available. This is due to a bug in the 3PAR SMI-S provider. It is therefore recommended to use a user account local to the 3PAR system..

Enabling Monitoring

  1. Log in to TrueSight Presentation Server.

  2. Add or edit an Infrastructure Policy for Hardware monitoring.

  3. In the Hardware Configuration section, click Add:

    Adding a new device

  • Provide an Internal ID, and enter the Hostname or IP Address of the HP 3PAR disk array where the SMI-S provider is running.

  • In the Device Type drop-down list, select Storage (Array, Switch, Library).

    Providing the device information

  1. Specify the Protocol/Connection Information:
  • Enable WBEM

  • Enter the Username and Password to use to establish the connection with the device using the WBEM protocol.

  • Specify the port number. By default, port 5989 is used for encrypted connections and 5988 for non-encrypted connections.

  • For encrypted connections, check the Encryption option.

    Specifying the protocol/connection information

  1. In the Device Advanced Settings section:
  • Select Use Specified Connectors.

  • In the Connector File Names field, enter MS_HW_HP3PAR.hdf.

    Specifying the connector to be used

  1. Click OK
  2. Click Save. After a few minutes, your device will be displayed in TrueSight.