Verifying hardware status on VMware vSphere client

How to verify the components status in the VMware vSphere client.

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Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL (and its agent-less version BMC Performance Manager for Hardware) relies on the data provided by the VMware for monitoring the hardware components of the server on which the ESXi host is installed. All the components whose status is available in the VMware vSphere client can be monitored by Hardware Sentry.

This article briefly explains the procedure to verify the status of the components in the VMware vSphere client.


The monitoring should only be configured on the physical server on which the ESXi operating system is installed.

  1. To check the health state of the components logon to the physical server you wish to check using the VMware vSphere client.
  2. Click Configuration tab - Health Status.
  3. Expand the main container to see the health status of individual components.

    Note that Hardware Sentry cannot monitor the individual memory modules since VMware only provides an overall memory status.
    Also this client can be used to confirm any failures alerted by Hardware Sentry.