Monitoring IBM DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000 Series Disk Storage Systems

How to monitor DS3xxx, DS4xxx, DS5xxx systems managed by the SMCLI utility.

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To fully monitor IBM DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000 disk systems, we need to run a utility called smcli locally on the RSM instead of remotely as on most system.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Install IBM DS Storage Manager for the appropriate DS Series on the RSM that is to monitor the Disk Array.
  2. Ensure that the smcli utility (located in the bin director of the DS Manager) is in the main system Path.  (The Performance Manager will need to be able to run it without specifying a path).
  3. Add a new element of type "Storage".  The hostname should be the address of the DS Management Card.


Run the following command on the RSM:

smcli  {HOSTNAME} -c "show StorageSubsystem;"

where {HOSTNAME} is replaced with the address of the DS management card specified as the element hostname.
You should get a long system summary.

Verify that the IBM DS Storage Manager is compatible with the DS (and its firmware level) that you are trying to monitor