No Environment Information on Sun T1000/T2000 Servers

Reason why environment information is missing on Sun T1000/T2000 Servers (aka T100 / T200).

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Environmental information in KM 1.6 / PM 2.7 is now monitored by the Prtpicl command on Sun 4v servers instead of using Snapshot.  However on T1000/T2000 servers, the Prtpicl command does not work correctly.


When using KM 1.6 or PM 2.7, Sun T1000/T2000 server will not show fans, power supplies, temperatures, voltages and the system description, despite having the same configuration as other Sun 4v servers.


Use one of the previous methods (Snapshot / remote monitoring of the ALOM card) to monitor the server.
Note:  Snapshot requires that Sun-Explorer is installed and sudo / root access to run /opt/SUNWexplo/bin/snapshot.